Treatments for PCOS : Your 5 Step Guide to get rid of PCOS Today!

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PCOS brings a range of side effects and you need to deal with each of them to get rid of it entirely. There are various treatments for PCOS depending on the root cause of your symptoms.

Today, you’ll get a 5-step treatment plan to deal with ALL the symptoms and ALL the side effects of PCOS.
Here you’ll learn:

  • PCOS symptoms and treatment options
  • PCOS treatment for weight loss
  • PCOS treatment natural options
  • PCOS treatment for infertility

And more!

Let’s go!

Treatments for PCOS - Your 5 Step Guide to get rid of PCOS Today!
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Chapter 1

What is PCOS? What are the most common PCOS Symptoms and their causes?

Chapter 2

How to cure PCOS permanently?

Chapter 3

PCOS Treatment Diet

Chapter 4

PCOS Weight Loss Treatment Workout

Chapter 5

Natural PCOS Treatment

Chapter 6

PCOS Treatment Medication Options

Chapter 7

PCOS Treatments for Fertility

Chapter 8

Before and After PCOS Treatment Results


What is PCOS? What are the most common PCOS Symptoms and their causes? 

PCOS is one of the most common medical conditions in women of reproductive age. It’s a complex disease that leaves your body with several distinct effects.  

In this chapter, you’ll learn  what PCOS is and what are the most common PCOS symptoms and side effects in your body!

Let’s get started!

What is PCOS What are the most common PCOS Symptoms and their causes
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What is PCOS?

Polycystic ovary Syndrome is a hormonal disorder that’s commonly found in women as they reach reproductive age. It’s primarily caused due to an imbalance in your endocrine system which disturbs the hormonal balance in your body.

PCOS leads to several side effects in your body. While the effects vary from person to person, here’s a list of the most commonly found effects of PCOS:

  1. Irregularity in your periods
  2. Acne
  3. Unwanted body and facial hair
  4. Hair loss
  5. Weight gain
  6. Risk of other diseases including diabetes and high blood pressure. 
  7. Fertility problems

Androgens, insulin and progesterone are the three hormones primarily responsible for PCOS. When your endocrine system becomes inefficient in the regulation of these hormones, that’s when the symptoms and effects of PCOS start appearing in your body.

1 in every 10 women suffer from PCOS, however, about 50% of these women are left undiagnosed. That’s primarily because most women are still not aware about the symptoms and early signs of PCOS

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In the upcoming section, you’ll find out the most common symptoms of PCOS so that you can make the right diagnosis. This will help you streamline your treatment plan according to the specific symptoms that you’re dealing with.

What are the most common PCOS Symptoms and their causes?

There are 3 primary symptoms of PCOS. Most of the others are caused due to these symptoms or are extensions. If you’ve been diagnosed with at least 2 of the following 3 symptoms, it means that you’re suffering from PCOS.

  1. Irregular Periods - If you’ve been experiencing a discontinued, infrequent or prolonged menstrual cycle; it’s one of the first signs of PCOS. There could be other related issues like very heavy flow or excessive pain.
  2. Increased Androgen Levels - Androgens are nothing but the male hormones produced in your body. Excessive facial and body hair, acne and hair loss are common signs of identifying elevated androgen levels. 
  3. Polycystic Ovaries - Enlarged ovaries with follicles surrounding the eggs are early indications of developing PCOS. This comes in the way of the regular functioning of your ovaries. 

Now that you know about the 3 most common PCOS symptoms, let’s have a brief look at the potential causes behind them.

i) Increased Insulin Production

One of the most common causes of PCOS is insulin resistance. Insulin is the hormone produced by your pancreas that directs the cells of your body to use glucose for energy. 

If your body starts resisting the action of insulin, it leads to overproduction of the hormone to manage blood sugar levels. Excessive insulin production also leads to overproduction of androgens in your body, which is one of the most common symptoms of PCOS.

ii) Low-grade Inflammation

Inflammation in your body is related to the ability of your white blood cells to fight infection. Low grade inflammation leads to increase in androgen levels as well as polycystic ovaries. It further also causes heart and blood vessel problems with PCOS.

iii) Hereditary Problems

PCOS is a hormonal problem that’s often aggravated with bad lifestyle choices. But research has shown that your genetics can also have a role to play in initiating PCOS symptoms. This means that your genes could be the reason why you’re dealing with excessive androgen levels or polycystic ovaries.

7 Initial Symptoms of PCOS Infographic
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The next step is to find out how to cure PCOS permanently and that’s exactly what you’ll get in the next chapter.


How to cure PCOS permanently?

Dealing with PCOS requires dealing with each of its symptoms. This requires a comprehensive plan of action which targets all aspects of PCOS.

So, in this chapter, you’ll learn the 5 step procedure that’ll tell you how to cure PCOS permanently. And you’ll also get to know about the specific areas that you need to deal with.

Let’s go!

How to cure PCOS permanently
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PCOS is a complex condition. There are several interrelated contributing factors and many more related effects that it causes in your body. This makes its treatment quite difficult and a long process. 

But it's not impossible!

 With the right plan of action and treating the PCOS specific issues you’re dealing with, you’ll be able to get rid of PCOS entirely.

So, here are 5 ways that’ll form a part of your treatments for PCOS. Remember, these ways are not exclusive to one another. You will most definitely need a combination of these ways, depending on your symptoms, for the right results.

1) PCOS Treatment Diet

Overconsumption of calories in your body eventually leads to excess fat gain and possibly, obesity. If your intake of carbohydrates and sugars is excessive, insulin levels in your body rise. Therefore, a poor, imbalanced diet can be one of the major causes of PCOS. 

Fixing your dietary habits can bring in a significant improvement in your PCOS condition. It helps in maintaining hormonal balance, which can be disturbed by an unhealthy diet. If your dietary habits aggravate insulin resistance in your body, it also leads to an increase in androgen levels. 

Thus, you need to change your dietary habits for 3 primary reasons while dealing with PCOS:

  1. Improving insulin sensitivity in your body which helps control your blood sugar levels.
  2. Controlling overproduction of androgen hormones in your body.
  3. Weight loss, in case of obesity, to control other related symptoms. 

In the next chapter, you’ll find out the best dietary practices that you need to adopt in order to kickstart your journey towards becoming PCOS free. This is a crucial step in your treatments for PCOS plan. Going back to an unhealthy diet can reignite the symptoms later and come in the way of treatment with other measures also.

2) PCOS Weight Loss Treatment Workout

Exercise is a crucial part for your journey to being PCOS free. It helps you fight against the effects of PCOS in your body. It helps in increasing your body’s resistance against hormonal imbalance and weight gain

The intensity and productivity of your exercise matters more than the frequency. Workout helps in improving cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition and insulin resistance. PCOS causes a deterioration in all of these as a side effect of PCOS.

Performing the right exercises for your PCOS symptoms is extremely important. And you also have to make sure that they complement the other treatment plans that you have to adopt.

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In Chapter 4, you’ll get to know about the different workout options that you can incorporate for your treatments for PCOS plan.

3) Natural PCOS Treatment

PCOS messes up the entire functioning of your body. There are so many side effects that you’re forced to deal with, all at once. Thus, the more natural measures you use, the better! It helps in getting solutions for your problems without leading to any more risks. 

Simple lifestyle changes can significantly improve your condition and reduce your side effects

Including certain herbs, natural supplements, stress management activities and other factors can significantly help. You’ll get a proper PCOS treatment plan in chapter 5, which will guide you towards tackling your PCOS related problems through a natural approach.

4) PCOS Treatment Medication Options

The problems that you face with PCOS often worsen due to late diagnosis and late treatment. More often than not, medicinal intervention is inevitable at such a stage. Combining it with the right diet, exercise plan and natural measures, can help improve your condition.

There are several medications that you can opt for to deal with insulin resistance and reduce your androgen levels. This further helps  lower the impact of other PCOS symptoms as well.

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It’s extremely important that you use the right medications to actually treat the condition and avoid worsening it. Be sure to check with your practitioner before consuming these medicines. 

But it’s still important for you to have the right knowledge in order to monitor your progress. And that’s exactly what you’ll get in Chapter 6.

5) PCOS Treatments for Fertility

When you’re dealing with PCOS, concerns about pregnancy are quite normal. One of the biggest side effects of PCOS includes problems with conceiving, which in extreme cases, can also lead to infertility. Even with treatment, pregnancy with PCOS is quite difficult because of the damage caused already.

However, there are certain measures that you can adapt to specifically improve your chances at getting pregnant. PCOS treatment for fertility is essentially a cumulation of all of the above methods. With these, the focus is to direct these measures to concentrate on improving your fertility chances with PCOS.

In  Chapter 7, you’ll get a  dedicated guide to treat and improve your fertility conditions while you’re suffering from PCOS.

To understand pregnancy with PCOS better and improve your chances at it, check out: How to get Pregnant with PCOS: The Quick & Natural Guide to PCOS Pregnancy! Find out about your chances of pregnancy with PCOS and what you can do to make it successful.

So, you now know what your treatments for PCOS plan should ideally include and the reasons why you need them. Next, you’ll directly get the measures for each of these steps in the upcoming chapters.

Treatments for PCOS
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PCOS Treatment Diet

The right diet is an essential part of treating any health related issue. This goes for PCOS as well! There are certain food items that you need to include or avoid for your PCOS treatment.  

In this chapter, you’ll get to know about the first step of your treatment plan: PCOS Treatment Diet. You’ll learn about the changes that you need to incorporate and how they’ll help you. You’ll also get to know about some of the best diet plan options for you.

Let’s dive right in!

PCOS Treatment Diet
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To begin with your PCOS Treatment Diet, the first step is to find out the food items that you need to include in your daily diet. So, here you go!

Food items to include in your PCOS Treatment Diet

Low Glycaemic Index Foods

Food items that have a high glycemic index can raise insulin levels in your body instantly. A high glycemic index indicates that you’re consuming food that significantly increases your blood sugar levels. While dealing with PCOS, it’s important to completely avoid high GI foods like white rice, cereal, potato fries, cakes and white bread.

You can add raw carrots, green vegetables, lentils and chickpeas, in your diet as they have a low GI. It helps control your insulin resistance and regulates your blood sugar levels.

Healthy Proteins

Your body digests protein rich foods slowly. This leads to a low impact on your blood sugar, hence improving your insulin sensitivity. Additionally, protein based foods are quite filling and help reduce cravings. This reduces your overall calories count as well and helps shed off the excess weight. Thus, lean protein has several benefits in your body while you’re dealing with PCOS.

Make sure to add a good portion of protein in your meals. Chicken, fishes like salmon and tuna, eggs, and greek yogurt are the best sources of healthy protein.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

One of the biggest side effects of PCOS is low grade inflammation. It further increases the insulin levels in your body. Inflammation can worsen other effects of PCOS on your body including acne.

Chronic inflammation causes weight gain and increases the chances of contracting diseases as well.

There are certain food items that can help reduce as well as prevent inflammation in your body. Make sure that you make them a regular inclusion in your diet.

The best anti-inflammatory foods include berries, fatty fish, green tea, peppers, grapes, and vegetables like spinach, artichokes and kale.

Low Carb Fruits and Vegetables

Low carb fruits and vegetables are those that have a relatively lower amount of carbohydrates in their nutrient profile. They help you get the right vitamins and minerals that you need without compromising your daily carb limit.

Looking at the net carbs of a particular fruit or vegetable helps identify whether it’s low carb or not. The lower the net carb content is, the better it is!

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You can find out net carbs by simply subtracting the fiber contents from total carbs. The best low carb fruits include berries, avocados, watermelon and honeydew. Some low carb vegetables that you can include in your diet are spinach, broccoli, lettuce, asparagus and zucchini.

Foods to Include in your PCOS Treatment Diet
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Food items to avoid in your PCOS Treatment Diet

Refined Carbs

Refined carbs are simply those carbohydrates that your body can instantly turn into blood sugar. They are stripped off all nutrients and do not provide any nutritional benefits to your body. They primarily include sugar and refined grains.

Refined carbs also have little to no fiber, which means that their total carbs are almost equal to net carbs. They’re basically empty calories that provide very little vitamins or minerals to your body.

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Refined carbs have a high glycaemic index and consuming those can also lead to overeating. This makes it harder for you to fight obesity and lose weight, which is an important factor of treating PCOS

Pasta, white bread, white rice, cereals, cookies and cakes are some of the most common sources of refined carbs.

Bad Fats

Bad Fats include trans fats, hydrogenated and semi-hydrogenated fats. Consuming these can increase the risk of heart problems and type-2 diabetes in your body. 

You should definitely drop all refined and vegetable oils from your meals. Instead, you can switch to healthy fats and oils such as olive oil and coconut oil

Bad fats also include artificial trans fats which cause inflammation in your body. It’s also been noted that CRP levels (inflammation marker) can be about 78% higher amongst women who intake higher levels of trans fat. And since inflammation is one of the primary causes of PCOS, you cannot afford to include these in your diet.

Switching to healthy fats can help reduce insulin resistance and even increase metabolism. Bad fats are not only bad for your weight gain but can also lead to numerous health issues in your body.

Inflammatory Foods

Low grade inflammation is a very common cause of PCOS. While it can also be caused due to stress and the toxic waste in your body, the biggest contributor is inflammatory foods. Thus, it’s best to avoid all the food items that can possibly trigger inflammation in your body.

Sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, artificial trans fat and processed meats are some of the most common food items that can cause inflammation.

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You also need to exclude vegetable and seed oils. The major reason why these oils need to be excluded is because of their high omega-6 fatty acid content which can cause inflammation.

Dairy Products

The biggest underlying cause of PCOS is insulin resistance. Dairy products are a bad choice when you’re suffering from PCOS for 2 reasons. First, because they have a high carb content which can quickly raise your blood sugar levels. And second, dairy products have an element called IGF-1 which stands for insulin growth factor 1

IGF-1 has similar functions as insulin which worsens the condition of your blood sugar levels. Since your body is already resistant to the activities of insulin, this worsens your condition by releasing more androgens to combat hyperinsulinemia. This problem persists with animal milk. 

Sticking to low dairy can help improve insulin sensitivity in your body, which is an important step in the treatment of PCOS. It can help in treating your acne problems with PCOS.

Foods to Avoid in your PCOS Treatment Diet
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Choices for your PCOS Treatment Diet

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is a dietary choice that can help in improving your insulin sensitivity. This in turn helps your body to lower blood sugar levels. 

The food that you consume breaks down into glucose and is used for energy by your body. Practicing Intermittent Fasting helps stabilize the insulin levels in your body. In IF, you practice fasting for a reasonable amount of time during the day. Since you don’t eat anything during the fasting period, insulin levels go down. Insulin is no longer required to transport glucose to the cells of your body during this time.

Thus, your cells start using the sugar stored in your body for energy. 16/8 is the most recommended type of Intermittent Fasting for you to follow in this case. However, you can also choose a different option if it suits you better.

Paleo Diet

A paleo diet focuses on a meal plan inspired from the pre industrial and pre agricultural revolution era. Several studies have concluded that switching to a paleo diet can provide several health benefits. These include increasing insulin sensitivity, facilitating weight loss and protecting against heart diseases.

On a Paleo diet, you consume more low carb, high protein and moderate fat food items. Meat, fish, eggs, fruits, and seeds in their natural form are the most common food items of a Paleo meal plan.

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At the same time, you’ll have to avoid all grains, legumes and most dairy items. The food that you consume on a Paleo diet helps control your blood sugar levels. Hence, it also lowers the androgen levels in your body. Thus, the Paleo diet is a really good diet plan to follow if you’re suffering from PCOS.

Keto Diet

A Ketogenic Diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that forces your body to shift to burning fats instead of carbs for daily energy.

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When your body burns fat, it increases the number of ketones in your body. A Keto diet consists of 55-60% Fat, 30-35% Protein and 5-10% Carbohydrates on an average. When you reduce carb consumption below 30g per day, your body doesn’t rely on glucose as its energy source anymore. Instead, it shifts to ketones by burning fat. This process is called Ketosis. 

Because of ketosis, your body doesn’t have to produce more insulin. According to a 24-week long study, the Keto diet can lead to an average weight loss of 12%, decrease free testosterone by 22%, and lower fasting insulin levels by 54% in PCOS patients!

Thus, Keto is a great option when you’re dealing with PCOS. It not only helps insulin sensitivity but also other side effects of PCOS that are hard to tackle.


The DASH diet stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It’s quite rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium

Although the diet was specifically designed to control blood pressure, it can have a significant impact in improving the symptoms and side effects of PCOS.

The main food items included in a DASH diet are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low fat dairy products. The DASH diet limits the consumption of saturated fats, added sugar and food items that are rich in sodium.

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It has been reported in PCOS patients following the DASH diet that it helps lower insulin levels and improve inflammation markers. Thus, you should definitely consider the DASH diet for your PCOS treatment diet plan.

Best PCOS Treatment Diets
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If you’re confused by all these options and want a simple, easy to follow diet plan for PCOS, check out PCOS Diet Plan: The Complete Guide and download your FREE SAMPLE 7 Day Plan.


PCOS Weight Loss Treatment Workout

Exercise has a significant impact in dealing with and reducing the effects of PCOS on your body. It helps treat the most common symptoms and the root causes of PCOS, which also helps in getting rid of other symptoms.

In this chapter, you’ll get to know all about PCOS weight loss treatment workout that best compliments your diet and other measures.

Let’s go!

PCOS Weight Loss Treatment Workout
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High intensity interval training (HIIT) basically means performing activities that include short bursts of high intensity movements over a short duration. There’s a longer break between the sets of activities which gives your body the time to recover. 

HIIT generates greater Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC).This in turn, helps boost metabolism and improve your metabolic syndrome, a common underlying cause of obesity with PCOS. HIIT is also an effective measure of reducing insulin levels of the body.

With HIIT, you’re more likely to burn a greater number of calories due to the intensity of each exercise. Push ups, jumping jacks, jumping lunges and burpees are some of the most effective and common HIIT exercises.

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Mind-body Exercises

PCOS has a negative impact on not only your physical health but also your mental and emotional health. In fact, stress, depression and anxiety are some of the most common side effects of PCOS. Mind-body exercises help you deal with these issues while also improving your physical health.

Mind-body exercises are an effective addition to the ideal PCOS workout regimen. They help improve the hormonal balance in your body and also regulate your period. The most common forms of mind-body exercises include yoga, tai chi and pilates

Performing yoga can also have a significant impact in helping to reduce your androgen levels. Mind body exercises in general also help reduce stress levels as they involve greater mental focus.

They help in improving your metabolic activity which can further help in losing weight. All of these improvements can have a great impact in improving your overall condition while dealing with PCOS

Strength Training

Strength training basically focuses on working the various muscles of your body, usually against some form of resistance. This resistance could be in the form of bands or even against your own body. This helps in making your muscles stronger and firmer. But that’s not all it’s worth! 

Strength training is a very important component of the right PCOS workout plan. It helps your muscle cells to manage glucose in a better manner by increasing your muscle size. This helps improve insulin sensitivity and hence, the related side effects that it causes in your body with PCOS. 

Squats, lunges, hip thrusts and deadlifts are some of the best strength training exercises that you can incorporate in your PCOS workout routine. Additionally, strength training also helps manage your androgen levels. It helps you lose weight, especially in the belly area which can help you avoid developing further problems like cholesterol.

You can check out the Best Exercises for PCOS & 7 Day Sample Plan{Grab the free PDF!} and get a better understanding of PCOS weight loss treatment workouts.


Natural PCOS Treatment

In this chapter, you’ll learn about some measures to treat PCOS symptoms and side effects naturally.

These measures have proven to positively improve PCOS over the years and are backed with a lot of research and evidence.

Natural PCOS treatment is an essential component of the 5-step procedure of treating PCOS. It helps you speed up the process and bring in improvements in your condition with simple and easy to follow steps.

Let’s go!

Natural PCOS Treatment
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Consuming certain herbs can help you with some of the most common symptoms of PCOS. There are several herbs that can help improve insulin sensitivity and reduce your androgen levels.

Adaptogen herbs help in rebalancing the hormonal problems caused by PCOS. They can also help with regulating your periods and improving other side effects of PCOS.

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One of the most common components of turmeric is curcumin. One of the biggest properties of curcumin is that it has anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, it’s also great at reducing insulin resistance with PCOS, which can also help reduce your androgen levels.

Studies have also found that the curcumin present in turmeric can significantly help in reducing the number of cysts and antral follicles with PCOS. It may also help in improving glycemic control and lipid metabolism in PCOS patients.


Cinnamon consumption can significantly help with your irregular menstrual cycle caused by PCOS. It also helps reduce the androgen and testosterone levels in your body. Regular consumption can even help improve your chances of fertility with PCOS.

Cinnamon has proven to be a great natural treatment option for improving insulin sensitivity. You can add it as a seasoning over your snacks or as a spice in your meals.

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Maca Root

Maca root is a traditional herb which can help balance your hormones and lower cortisol levels. It can also help improve your mental health, which can take a toll due to PCOS. The improvement in your hormonal balance with the consumption of maca root also boosts fertility chances with PCOS. You can simply boil or mash it for consumption.

Holy Basil

Holy basil is a very widely used herb which helps your body get rid of chemical and medical stress. It helps regulate the blood sugar levels of your body and also prevents excessive weight gain. Thus, it helps deal with the two most common causes of PCOS. Holy basil is also a great herb for dealing with the stress and anxiety caused by PCOS.

Licorice Root

One of the primary elements of licorice root is glycyrrhizin. It’s one of the best natural anti-inflammatory agents which helps treat a primary underlying cause of PCOS. It also has anti-androgenic properties which helps balance the levels of male hormones in your body. Additionally, licorice root also helps metabolize sugar in your body. You can simply have it as it is or boil it in water and drink that.


Berberine is a herb that’s primarily used in Chinese medicine. It’s proven to have a great impact in improving insulin resistance with PCOS. In a study of women suffering from PCOS, it was concluded that consuming berberine can prove to be even more effective than PCOS medications like metformin.

It helps in reducing waist to hip ratio as well as male hormone levels. It also helps against related cardiovascular diseases that can be caused due to PCOS by regulating your cholesterol levels.

Best Herbs for PCOS
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Natural supplements are safe to consume and do not have any potential side effects on your body, especially when consumed in controlled levels. They can help you with the most common and dangerous factors leading to PCOS.

These include inflammation, hormonal imbalance and insulin sensitivity. Consuming natural supplements can also help in improving your immunity and overall health condition. 

However, be sure to  consult with your doctor as some of your medications might already provide these supplements to your body.


Magnesium supplementation helps control your androgen levels. The reduction of male hormones in your body can significantly improve other side effects and help PCOS treatment for acne, hirsutism and hair loss. 

Also, magnesium supplementation can have some impact on dealing with insulin resistance. Thus, it’s a great natural supplement to include in your daily lifestyle while treating PCOS.


Adding zinc supplements while treating PCOS can help strengthen your immune system and prevent you from contracting other diseases due to PCOS. It also helps boost your chances at fertility. It improves ovarian function and decreases the androgen levels in your body. It’s also extremely effective in dealing with hirsutism and helps PCOS treatment for hair loss.


Inositol is a natural vitamin supplement that helps deal with insulin and increases its efficacy in your body. This essentially means that less of it needs to be produced and reduces insulin resistance. It helps quick weight loss while you’re suffering from PCOS, especially when combined with the right diet and workout.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is a natural supplement that is highly rich in vitamin D, vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acids. These nutrients can help in regulating your menstrual cycle with PCOS. The consumption of supplements rich in omega 3 fatty acids is recommended to treat PCOS, especially if insulin resistance is the underlying cause for it. Fish oil can also help you lose fat around your waist which can lead to quick weight loss. 


Chromium is a natural mineral that can significantly help you reduce insulin resistance caused  with PCOS. It also helps protect you against the related cardiovascular diseases that insulin resistance and PCOS can cause.

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A study concluded that supplements containing 200-1,000 mcg chromium picolinate show the most effective results in balancing blood sugar levels. It can also help you improve your BMI which can help with obesity caused by PCOS.


Probiotic supplements help massively in improving digestion and gut health. This not only facilitates weight loss but also helps with inflammation, which further contributes in treating PCOS. Probiotics also play a great role in the regulation of your sex hormones, including androgens and testosterone. Additionally, they can help with PCOS treatment for facial hair as well.

Avoid Endocrine Disruptors

Endocrine disruptors are basically chemical elements that block your body’s natural hormonal reactions. They may do so by mimicking the activities of some of your sex hormones. This leads to confusion in your body. 

Thus, when these disruptors start acting like androgens, the overall impact of androgens on your body raises, which leads to an increase in effects of PCOS. Some of the most common endocrine disruptors include dioxins pesticides and BPA.

They are widely found in canned food, chemical soaps, makeup and skincare products. Switching to herbal soaps and makeup is a better choice in this case.


Practicing meditation is a great lifestyle change to adopt while treating PCOS. It helps you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically as well. Stress, anxiety and depression are common side effects of PCOS which are often ignored. They are represented by your cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

Increased cortisol levels have a negative impact on your body’s functioning and worsen your health conditions. This includes insulin resistance as well as androgen levels in your body.

Regular meditation can help reduce cortisol levels in your body and play an important role in your PCOS treatment plan.

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Sleep Management

Regular and consistent sleep provides much needed physical and mental rest to your body. Insufficient sleep makes it difficult for you to lose weight while suffering from PCOS. It also negatively impacts the cortisol levels of your body and can raise stress with PCOS. 

Poor sleep quality can also trigger insulin resistance in your body and increase the chances of obesity. Both of these factors can get in the way of treating your PCOS symptoms. So, make sure that you get at least 7-8 hours of proper sleep every night


PCOS Treatment Medication Options

Making changes in your diet, exercise routine and adopting natural measures are essential for treating PCOS. But sometimes, they just aren’t enough!

You may have to resort to medical help to treat certain symptoms of PCOS. And it’s important for you to have the right knowledge about it.

In this chapter, you’ll be learning about some of the most effective, safe and commonly used PCOS treatment medication options.

Let’s go!

PCOS Treatment Medication Options
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Oral Contraceptives

Oral contraceptives are basically birth control pills that induce hormones in your body to regulate your menstrual cycle with PCOS. They also help you get rid of the symptoms caused by excess androgen levels in your body. Thus, birth control pills are extremely effective in treating side effects like acne, facial hair growth and hair loss caused by PCOS. 

Additionally, they also lower your risk of developing endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer and ovarian cysts with PCOS. Some of the best birth control pills that you can take for treating PCOS are:

1) Combination Pills

Combination pills contain the two hormones, progestin and estrogen. These synthetic hormones are similar to those produced by your ovaries. Both low and high dose formulations help treat your PCOS symptoms.

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The difference in dosage varies from about 20 mcg of estrogen in low dose pills to about 30-35 mcg of estrogen in high dose pills. Combination pills are amongst the best choice of oral contraceptives for treatments for PCOS.

2) Progestin-only Pill

Progestin-only pills are also popularly known as mini pills. They help overcome the deficiency of the progesterone hormone in your body. Low progesterone levels get in the way of letting you menstruate properly with PCOS.

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This means that you get irregular periods, which may also lead to heavy cramping and heavy flow

Progestin pills also lower your risk of contracting endometrial cancer, which can develop as a side effect of PCOS. These pills usually contain 35 mcg of synthetic progestin.

Androgen Blockers

Androgen blockers, or anti-androgen pills are pharmaceutical drugs that work on reducing the levels of male hormones in your body. Increased androgen levels are the root cause for most side effects of PCOS. Androgen blockers solely focus on bringing your androgen levels down and even help treat PCOS induced acne.

They’re widely used for two purposes. First, to reduce the level of male hormones in your body, and second, to drastically reduce their effect in your body. Some of the most effective anti androgen drugs are:

1) Spironolactone

Spironolactone is a non-specific androgen receptor blocker. It not only reduces androgen levels but is also extremely effective in treating hirsutism with PCOS. It’s also commonly available as ‘Aldactone’.

It’s especially a great choice for you if you want to avoid oral contraceptives in your PCOS treatment plan. However, this doesn’t show immediate results. In fact, it may take up to 6 months to see a significant reduction in your androgen levels.

2) Leuprolide

The composition of leuprolide helps in regulating ovarian steroidogenesis, which basically means regulating your ovarian function. It reduces the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) in your body. 

They’re also widely known as Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) analogs and are quite effective in treating hirsutism with PCOS by reducing your androgen levels.

3) Finasteride

Finasteride is also commonly known as proscar or propecia. It blocks the conversion of testosterone to its more active component - DHT, which means that it helps control its effect on your body. Since testosterone is a male sex hormone and forms a part of androgens, this helps reduce the overall androgen levels in your body

It’s also widely used in the treatment of PCOS induced hair loss and hirsutism.

Insulin Sensitizing Agents

Insulin resistance is the biggest reason why treating PCOS is difficult. Along with high androgen levels, it’s the reason behind various side effects of PCOS. When you consume medicines that help bring insulin sensitivity in your body, there is a significant improvement in your overall PCOS health condition as well

Since insulin resistance is also a potential cause of hyperandrogenism, you have to keep its treatment a priority. While diet and exercise is key to reducing blood sugar levels in your body, medicinal intervention is often required while you’re dealing with PCOS. 

The most effective and commonly used insulin sensitizing agents are:

Taking supplements is certainly not bad for your body. Instead, having them in proper doses can help your body find a balance to further function properly. When it comes to PCOS, you can take supplements that help with blood sugar control. And one of the best supplements known for it is Myo-inositol.

1) Metformin

PCOS treatment with metformin is one of the most effective techniques to deal with insulin resistance. It also helps control excess androgen production, period irregularity and obesity caused as a result of PCOS

It’s a regularly prescribed medicine for specific treatment of type 2 diabetes. It basically decreases the production of glucose by your liver. It also helps your body and specifically your muscles make more efficient use of insulin. 

It’s advisable to take a tablet of metformin once or twice a day, in combination with the right PCOS treatment diet and workout plan. It helps regulate your menstrual cycle and also promotes healthy weight loss which is key in treatments for PCOS.

2) Actos

Actos, which is also commonly known as pioglitazone, helps in regulating the blood sugar levels in your body. This is essentially why it’s prescribed widely for treatments for PCOS. It helps restore your body’s response to insulin and reduces insulin resistance. 

Actos can also significantly help in restoration of your menstrual cyclicity and help achieve a better ovulatory rate. It has also widely shown to work on improving the clinical signs of hyperandrogenism. Thus, actos is one of the most useful medicines for treating PCOS by improving insulin sensitivity.


PCOS Treatments for Fertility

Fertility problems are one of the biggest and the most hard to deal with side effects of PCOS. Due to the hormonal damage, your chances of fertility are severely impacted.

So, in this chapter, you’ll get to know about the final treatment plan which will provide you with PCOS treatments for fertility.

This will give you a better shot at dealing with all of the pregnancy related woes that PCOS has caused you so far!

So let’s dive right in!

PCOS Treatments for Fertility
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PCOS treatments for fertility are basically a cumulation of all of the above steps. The only difference is that the focus solely lies on improving your chances of ovulation and hence, conception. 

You’ll have to take some additional measures apart from those listed above for each of these categories. These measures will focus on the pregnancy aspect of the equation.


Starting off with your PCOS treatment to get pregnant, the first step is to regulate your diet. To begin with, you have to take care that you completely avoid all the food groups mentioned above in Chapter 3.

Additionally, you have to also get rid of all processed foods and sugary drinks from your diet. You have to work on maintaining your blood sugar levels for a successful pregnancy. Thus, make sure that you avoid and minimize eating processed food as they instantly raise your blood sugar levels. 

Say goodbye to preservative rich juices, flavored sodas, chips, wafers, ketchup and instant noodles

You should add leafy greens and soy rich food in your diet. Organic soy rich food consists of something called isoflavones which helps you get a better shot at pregnancy.


Mind-body exercises are the best workout choice while you’re trying to get pregnant with PCOS. They help bring a balance in your overall mental and physical health, and play a massive role in regulating your hormones

You don’t just need PCOS treatments to get pregnant but also work on carrying your pregnancy till term. Mind body exercises help in doing that as they don’t put a lot of pressure on your body and yet, help reduce the effects of PCOS. Regular practice of yoga and pilates can prove to be really helpful

Yoga has shown to improve fertility with PCOS. It includes physical postures, breathing, and meditation in pregnant women which helps an increase in child birth weight, decrease in preterm labor, and decrease in intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)

So in the phase where you’re trying to get pregnant, incorporate cardio and flexibility training as well

They help speed up the process of reducing the impact of PCOS symptoms which bring your reproductive hormones to the right balance to sustain a pregnancy. And once you do get pregnant, mind and body exercises can help you avoid any hostility and successfully carry the child.

Natural Measures

There are certain herbs and natural supplements that have the additional benefit of stimulating fertility along with reducing regular PCOS symptoms. 

Tribulus terrestris is one of the most common and widely used herbs for helping PCOS fertility treatment. It helps decrease the number of cysts on your ovaries and facilitates healthy menstruation. It has also shown to significantly improve your chances of ovulating regularly, which increases your chances of getting pregnant.

Supplementing with Inositol which is a B vitamin can help you treat pregnancy while you’re dealing with PCOS. Insulin resistance is one of the most common causes of causing fertility problems with PCOS. Inositol is the best and most widely used supplement to increase insulin sensitivity. This makes it a really good option for improving your chances at fertility.

Another supplement that you have to make sure to include is combined vitamin D and calcium. Vitamin D helps regulate your endocrine system. Combining these two elements help bring regularity in your menstrual cycle and help you ovulate.

Along with these specific measures here, make sure to follow the ones mentioned above as well. A healthy sleep schedule is a must and make sure that you incorporate meditation in your daily lifestyle.


Medication is an important element for quickly treating fertility issues with PCOS. Clomiphene is the most common medicine for treatment. It indirectly causes eggs to mature and release in your body, which helps them get fertile

Another medicine that massively helps pregnancy with PCOS is metformin. It primarily helps by reducing the impact of insulin resistance in your body, which further reduces androgen levels. All of this together helps restore your hormonal balance which is key for regular ovulation. 

To increase your chances of fertility with PCOS, your body needs more follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). This hormone helps you ovulate more often and helps with fertility. Studies found that it’s the best drug to increase the chances of live birth rate in PCOS patients.


Before and After PCOS Treatment Results

Knowing about treatments for PCOS and the measures to follow is one thing. And seeing it actually work and deliver results is another.

In this chapter, you’ll witness the best before and after PCOS treatment results.

This will not only motivate you but also show you that treating PCOS is actually possible! You can get rid of all the problems that you’ve been facing, just like so many others have. All it requires is dedication and some hard work.

Let’s go!

Before and After PCOS Treatment Results
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I had insulin resistant PCOS. I am finally feeling more normal and with the help of the right diet, medicine and work outs, the weight is coming off again. While there is no cure for PCOS there are ways to manage it and possibly even reverse it.” - @losingthejigglewithjen

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I'm officially down 66lbs! No more high blood pressure, no more high cholesterol, no more diabetes, no more cysts, hirsutism is almost gone, my periods come every 36 days, I ovulate every month, my hormones are completely normal. How I did it (and still doing): I eat gluten and sugar-free. I eat low carb (<75g). I don't eat high starch veggies like potatoes or corn. I just bike everywhere.” -@mypcoskitchen

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It wasn’t until 2018 when I realized that my blood sugar issues were an underlying cause for my #PCOS!⁣ I removed starchy carbs from my diet and simple sugars. I also started restricting my eating window (intermittent fasting). I stopped eating most nights by 3 or 4pm. ⁣⁣This helped my body to use up the excess blood sugar and insulin, and finally lose some weight.“ - @daniellehamiltonhealth

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My PCOS no longer consumes me. I know exactly what lifestyle will kick my PCOS symptoms back into gear, so I stay diligent and disciplined. I love the life I have now, because I feel free. I feel confident, and I know I’m in charge of how I look and feel.” -@dr.rebeccakarlin

Now it’s Your Turn

And that’s all  you need to know about treatments for PCOS. These plans will help you get rid of PCOS once and for all, and from every possible angle. Start adopting these measures and kickstart your journey of becoming PCOS free!
Which treatment option will you first begin with? And which one will be the most difficult for you to follow?

Tell us with a quick comment down below 🙂

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Treatments for PCOS - Your 5 Step Guide to get rid of PCOS Today!
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